Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Building WHAT? 9-11 Truth becoming MAINSTREAM!

9-11 truth is gaining massive momentum now -
A poll of 10,000 Australians revealed that 78% feel that

SO horribly hard to imagine, but the science backs it all up,
and if you look at the motives and all the secrecy with what happened
afterwards, its not hard to realize that those bastards killed
thousands of innocent people that day for more money and power.

Why does that surprise us though?
Because those people were mostly Americans?
The same leaders have been responsible for millions upon millions
of other deaths around the world, why do we perceive that US citizens
are exempt from their power moves?

Here's a thought - Obviously now the lie about WMD caused
us to go into Iraq. It was CLEARLY a lie.
How many soldiers have died and our continuing to die because of
that very well-known and exposed lie?

How many died for the lies of Vietnam?
If the powers that be are willing to kill tens of thousands
of their own soldiers, what makes us think that civilians are safe?
Seriously! They sacrificed so many us for their power grab.

Im getting the feeling now that 9-11 was created to be discovered.
Too much is coming out about it on the mainstream news.
Even Fox News...the last place I would see 9-11 truth come up.

SO what does this all mean?
The crash of the American Gov't for something else?
Something better or Worse? Why all the exposure?

Here's the take from Alex Jones -

I cried when I realized it...I was living in NYC and I
rode my bike down there at night and was looking at
Ground Zero...when it all finally sunk in that it was an inside job...
that all those families suffered for a murderous lie...I had to cry.

Too much...but who are we? The spoiled children of history?
Do we even comprehend the suffering of other people at
the hand's of our own government? Why do we keep paying taxes?
Why do we sheepishly go along with all this?
If we really are ONE, why do we turn a blind eye to the
suffering around the world? Why just freak out about 9-11?

Here is a really good article to consider - HERE.
Ive been trolling around on GLP for the past 2 weeks now
and its really up to date cutting edge stuff.
There are (possible) nutcases on there, but its free speech,
so opinions fly freely and should be taken w that grain of sea salt.

Keep spreading matter what it is!!!
Release the big brother parasite from your heart!!