Wednesday, September 29, 2010

California recap and lots more giveaways...

Speaking at Whole Foods in Pasadena with
Deb from Debbie Does Raw last weekend...

Great crowd - we braved the heat and really made it happen.
Deb brought many tears to the crowd with her inspirational story.

Deb and her daughter Sam

Deb doing her magic!

Thanks to Heather at WF Pasadena for setting up the event and
doing such a great job with the promotion.
We look forward to doing it again soon!

Headed down to Ito's neighborhood...

The garlic bread and chimichurri @ Au Lac...
and of course the one and only Chef Ito...
gave them all some goodies and samples from our new seed collection.
Daniel even came up and asked for Nettles!
We are really focusing on wild varieties so the synchronicity
with Daniel's talks recently have been amazing.

We saw so many friends at the Longevity Conference and
the talks were amazing...SO nice to see such a professional
and focused approach compared to some other gatherings.
Everyone who organized the conference deserve a huge wave of
gratitude for bringing this cutting-edge information and great products to
the world...I cant imagine where I would be if I hadn't been exposed
to the wonderful work of all the participants...big high fives all around.

Check out Matt, Angela, and Daniel dishing it out in the parking lot
of the conference...AWESOME AWESOME VIDEO.

Since we were in California and they still value
the consumer's choice - I was able to buy lots of raw dairy products.
My gem was this colostrum...SO amazing.

People can buy booze and cigarettes everywhere,
but raw dairy...OH NO! Shouldn't consumers have that choice?
When I learned about the natural healing powers of good
grass-fed raw dairy, I soon realized why its mostly illegal.
Glow-in-the-dark GMO milk is legal though...strange right?

Anyways...feeling the LOVE in the Santa Monica Community Garden

Eat your heart out Philip! Ha!
The lovely ladies from Honey Pacifica stopped by
and shared their AMAZING raw wild honey with us - divine!

Our buddies Philip from
came over and jammed with us at Debs...GOOD TIMES!

And Erewhon is now carrying Blackbird Truffles!
We know that Southern California is calling us,
and we are now looking to transfer over there.
Edwin at Erewhon wants us to speak there as well so its really
falling into place quicker than I couldve hoped.

Things are just clicking now...we are really in the vortex.
So it only feels right to be offering another giveaway to celebrate...
Make sure you're friends w/ Blackbird on Facebook...
Leave a comment in the next 48 hours and youll be in the drawing.
Truffles for sure...and we'll even through in
some goodies from our seed collection!

Thanks to all our friends out in California...
you made our time so memorable and full of great energy.
We love you's to the tribe!