Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Question about Book Suggestions

I get these comments in the About and FAQ sections sometimes
and I try to keep those areas as tidy as possible so I usually dont
approve is one that I thought I should share -

I remember that you had a site with books listed, where did it go?
There were all kind of books like the auto-bio from that yogi P. yogananda or books about food...etc..

I kinda remeber that because of your cucumber pickle video ;)
It would be nice if you could make a list like that again!

Enjoy the summer!
Aron from Germany

I wish I still had that list.

Its a funny thing about me and books,
I used to read them as a kid, but as the
"long and arduous road to adulthood" took
hold with jobs and studies, my exploration stopped.

It wasnt until I had the summer off and then soon
began modeling in Paris that I really got to delve into books
again and it completely changed my path in life.

I read some Michael Moore stuff after seeing
Bowling for Columbine after drinking 5 margaritas
at Service Industry Night at Bar Abilene in Mpls.
Made that movie even heavier than it was...seriously!

Anyways, I know the Michael Moore has some minor
(or major if thats your opinion) shortcomings
(I personally think he could have gone WAY deeper
into 9-11 and why Obama was put in place at this point in time
but so it goes...

"Walden" by Henry David Thoreau was a HUGE one for me.
Its a slower book at times, but I had the time and quiet to
really be present with it. A big game-changer for me...
esp the whole voluntary simplicity idea and how it actually
makes life richer and more purposeful.
That book will shift a life if a person is ready for it.

What I am involved in now with the creation of the
Food Forests and Organic-Biodynamic gardening
was initially inspired by Thoreau's writings
(among many other things that synchronistically came my way).

Conversations with God opened it up BIGTIME for me as well.
I recommend reading the three books *skip #2 if you feel like it*
I think Neale Donald Walsch made up the whole thing
because before he wrote that he actually did the whole
"A Course in Miracles" although he makes himself seem
like a total laymen as he started the writings.
You dont read "A Course in Miracles" and stay
spiritually in the same place either. So....

(another of Walsch's books...i read allot
of his stuff...all I feel was worth the time)

the writings are amazing and massively inspirational
and although he thought George HW Bush was a good guy
back when he wrote the book in the late 80s-early 90s
I will hope that hindsight has sharpened his vision.
Hell...I actually really hoped that Obama was a good guy!

Ill add some more books in later...

"the last hours of ancient sunlight" is great
I would just read the Anastasia stuff asap too...
anything to get your heart and mind into creating
paradise NOW on the planet for yourself and your loved
ones - despite any efforts via the side of darkness.

As far as actual gardening books -
"Gaia's Garden" by Toby Hemenway
and 'The Four Season Harvest" by Eliot Coleman
and maybe some other regional gardening book would
be all you would need I feel. I know there are other jewels
out there but if I had to pick two- those are mine for getting
right off to a solid start and not being bogged down by details.

More to come...