Friday, May 14, 2010

Chemmy Skies, and Kefir-y Goodness

Here's a clip from way back in Oct 2006.
The chemtrails are intense down here (in Arizona)...
Some days are mellow, other days are full on spray-days.

And its not like its a weather-related issue where some
days commercial jets will make the long and never-dissapating trails
and the next day there is absolutely nothing.

Some planes leave the massive trails,
some dont. Same altitude. Why?

I hardly see these in Minnesota...but I have seen them there.

Allot of people say its a cold-weather thing,
where if its really cold up in the atmosphere it will make trails.
But it was 88F yesterday, and as you can see from the video below,
the trails are not high at all.

We have to start asking questions.
Send letters to your local officials.
They are breathing this air too.
The sheriff, the mayor, whoever.

I wish it werent true, I really do.
I could put myself in denial and say that its from
commercial jets, but still, they turned the entire sky
cloudy yesterday. It was a beautiful blue sky at 9am
and without any clouds moving in,
all the chemtrails spread out and completely shrouded the sky in clouds.

Its up to you to research.
The same government that says its ok to drink fluoride
and eat GMOS and put cell phones next to your brain
is obviously not going to give you the truth about chemtrails.

I honestly believe its super sinister. I wish I could believe otherwise.

Wow what a downer this post is...

Anyways, the winner of the kefir grains is Ayla_jk...
Not many people were willing to take on the responsibility of kefir raising,
and I thank you for your honesty to not enter the prize.
I promise there will be more giveaway that dont require
such responsibilities...this one was special though.

We will be at the Oakville Market tmrw on Scottsdale Rd
and Greenway handing out cacao fudge samples so if you
live in the area please do stop by. Its a big day there tomorrow
because of their ice-cream social so come early.

Damn those chemtrails bum me out.
What a bunch of assholes.
Is depopulation in the works?
Mind control?
Who do they think they are?

The same people that push buttons to bomb
innocent women and children...I suppose I cant
hold them to very high standards.

Speak out about chemtrails.
When you see them in the sky, tell people.
All it takes is a simple observation and a little online research,
but I feel that so many minds are numbed by toxic food and
fluoridated water that there really isnt much that one would do
about it even if they did think it was real.
I called the weather service for Phoenix yesterday
and approached them as a concerned but mostly uninformed citizen.
The guy on the line thought they were just contrails,
but I told him that other jets left no trails.
He didnt seem to care for some reason (?)
but maybe he will at least look into it himself.
Its his (YOUR) air too.

Assholes. Assholes.
Poison food Ive avoided.
Poison water Ive avoided (thank you Daniel Vitalis).
But the air? How? Do the politicians not care?

Spread the word...congrats to Ayla - your kefir is in the mail :)