Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Hearty Dose of Poison Ivy

It seems to happen every time Im clearing brush in Minnesota.
I dont like wearing long sleeve shirts because it gets too hot,
and my gloves always get wet and sloppy after about 2 hours,
so those usually come off before breakfast.

That being said, I got a good patch of this junk on my arms and legs
and Im really wishing I would have just taken the extra precautions.

Honestly though, its only bad when I start to scratch it or my jeans rub
up against it as I walk around, otherwise its not so unbearable.
Heres a video to watch in case you come across some of this stuff.
And remember, if youre clearing brush at any time of the year,
and you know PI is in your area, just play it safe and wear gloves and long sleeves.

So...I havent used anything. Most creams have crazy stuff in them,
and even the oatmeal bath sounds like way too much work and mess
for some minor temporary relief. Id rather scratch my arms than
scrub an oatmeal ring out of the bathtub lol...

And who names their daughter Doris Day? Really?

I planted over 150 shrubs and trees last weekend,
and everything looks to be doing well.
I put the pine nut trees, the hickories, the walnuts, and the mountain ash trees
in containers because those trees need a little extra tlc
and Id like them to be more established before I put them into the soil.
One year of greenhouse living should suit them well-I hope.

I took a ton of pics and videos so they will be uploaded within the next week I hope.
Flying back to Phx tomorrow! Deb from Debbie Does Raw is visiting us!
Lots of activities and you know Deb will have her camera! We love you Deb!