Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back in NY

After a long break from planes, trains, and public transportation,
I have found myself back in NYC for a little bit.

There are big things on the horizon,
and I have to keep proceeding with faith that Im
being cared for by the universe.

A production company has developed interest in
the rawmodel story and the mission and want to
film me what I do I suppose.

We are going to Central Park tomorrow to film
some foraging, then will be going to the East Village
tomorrow evening for some good ol' fashioned dumpster diving
for organic compost scraps. They plan to come to Minnesota and
Arizona as well, and are giving me a handy HD flip camcorder
so I can get some decent "B Roll Footage" *new term to me lol*

We are harvesting some honey on monday in Minnesota,
and will be doing some more spring runs and manure runs.
All these runs...all this filmable stuff.

I was mostly alone in the garden before, and filming myself
was way more demanding than I was able to deal with.
My hands were always dirty and I just wanted to get on
with it and keep building my space without pausing to film everything.
It felt as if it wasnt authentic anymore,
always trying to capture the magic that I felt.

I dont know where this is going to all proceed,
but Im approaching it with authenticity and the hope that
the message of reconnecting with Mother Nature
thru family food forests (kin's domains) and living
without dependence on corporations and utility companies
WILL SPREAD LIKE WILDFIRE through the hearts of many!

Im super optimistic - Just hoping things stay fresh!
Spring runs, kitchen fun, garden excitement...its endless right?

Im flying out Sunday morning to head back to MN to
work on my space some more. Tentatively, I have 6 solid days
of potential time to put into it before heading back to Arizona,
so i should easily get everything cleaned up and established
before I have to take off again. Its just getting better and better,
and the trees from 2008 and really getting established now!
What a joy to see bees all over a big apricot tree I planted!

I ordered some more stuff from,
and Curt from McKean County Biodynamics is sending
me some more Selke Biodynamic Cherry tomatoes,
but those are the last ones of the seasons so order from them
next year FOR SURE....FOR SURE. Best tomato to grow!
Sam from and Jake from
are sending some comfrey my way! Exactly what I needed.

Thanks brothers!!! Ill be making some truffles sunday night for you!

Just sticking with the mission...planting more and more
and doing whatever we can to get others inspired to do the same.

Thanks to the internet, the GOOD ideas have a chance
to spread to others like never before. We are so blessed!

Filming tomorrow! Wish me luck on this one!