Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Juice it up baby!! Plus a giveaway!

Feeling like a springtime cleanse,
so I've upped the juice these past days. Allot.
Like how I used to.

Lots of raw veggies with blended dips for dinner,
and the occasional truffle (for quality control of course).

Here's another video about what I made yesterday.

Big props to the Sunwarrior crew for exposing me to Ormus Greens.
Wonderful stuff and its become a staple in my juices.

See what Dr Brian Clement says about their protein powder:

So anyways...back to the juice.
Im loving the seasonal shifts and the freedom of
knowing that I have less restrictions to fiddle with.

So no more 'isms...ok? Dont be 100% anything except
simply and honestly being TRUE TO YOURSELF.
Do you need a label? Can you not just be YOU?
Why define yourself by something you dont eat?


And because all the phone consultations have been going so well,
and people have been having such good results,
I feel compelled to offer two free 30 min consultations
to the two lucky people who has their comments picked.

Share a juice recipe. Exotic or simple.

If you dont feel the need for a consultation with me,
just let me know. Many of you out there are more knowledgeable
than myself about certain issues, so if you want someone who needs it
to have a better chance, put it in the comment at the very end.

Winner gets picked by Friday afternoon!