Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Giveaway winner for what Ive been up to

I found this at Lifethyme about a month ago...

I really hope this becomes the standard.
Less IS more!
I feel thats the same reasoning of the truffles.
Keep it simple...why 30 ingredients?

The winner of the raw book is Amber!
Here is her entry...totally picked randomly I promise.

"Two books have blown my mind over the last month (literally:)).
I've been struggling with a binge eating disorder/mild depression
(low motivation, self-induced isolation etc.).
I was very tempted to go on an anti-depressant
because I literally felt like I couldn't function anymore.
But because I follow a high-raw, very health diet/lifestyle,
chemical pharmaceuticals don't vibe well with me.
I started reading The Ultra-mind Connection with Dr. Mark Hyman
which is all about healing brain-related illnesses.
He gives a 6 week program to begin healing the brain.
Well I am 4 weeks in and I feel like I've had a 180 degree turn.
My motivation is back, my cognitive function is returning,
I feel like seeing my friends and I'm back on track in all of my training.

The other book I read was The Edge Effect by Dr. Eric Braverman
which teaches all about neuro-biology and the role the neurotransmitters
play in all functions throughout the body.
I learned that I am serotonin deficient even when I was at my
best and at my worst my acetylcholine levels were very depleted.
These are fairly easy things to fix with the use of all-natural
supplements and mild lifestyle changes.

For anyone struggling with depression, energy loss, eating disorders, etc, etc, etc.
I recommend reading both of these books!"

Great stuff! Im going to send your email over to Snubbr so
they can hook you up asap! Congratulations and great job with
everything you've gone thru and are working on!

The Phoenix Farmers Market was awesome!
Ive never ever been on the other side of the table
at a farmer's market, but this felt so right!
The website is up too, check it out HERE.
Its a temporary pdf and much more is coming soon.

We would set up at 7am and then just visit with people
and it all came really naturally. Not many people are going
to get rich selling at the farmer's mkt, but its great exposure and
gives decent credibility as far as the local and organic scene.

Some of the offerings at the market are really great,
but many are pretty conventional and not very innovative
as far as organics and such.
Even grass-fed needs way more exposure, but its easy to
forget the viewpoint of the mainstream when you get
neck-deep into cutting edge nutrition and organic living.

We are joining two other markets and will be doing
a culinary festival this weekend where we will be passing
out samples and saying hello to everyone.

Later that night I have a redeye flight back to NY for a two day job,
which Im honestly not that excited about!
The energy down in the Southwest is just so good and was 70F and sunny today. I have planted new trees
and am giving lots of TLC to the other 8 fruit trees that have
been planted in the past few years. More pics to come!!

Ok Im out the door and have to roll 100 truffles tonight
so Im going to wrap this up. Ill be posting about the desert
permaculture project I am lucky enough to be working on and
sharing lots of pictures. Such a joy to be working with trees so early
in the season...6-8 weeks in MN before people get outside and in the garden.