Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Letter to Kim K

obviously this is just me entertaining myself,
but this thought goes thru my head about celebrities often.
Kim! You really need to sell Quicktrim?
Really? Its that good?
Cant you maybe support organic farming as well?
Maybe you could build an eco-village?
I swear that I will plant fruit trees for you. No joke.
The press would love it.
You could be a saint! Think of your reach...
If you use your Quicktrim money for food forests
the Universe will reward you beyond your wildest dreams!
I know that sounds crazy but you would
understand once you started doing it.
If this doesnt appeal to you, tell a friend!
They all seem to have a good amount of free time
and why not use it to replant Heaven of Earth?
Think of the edible paradise a celebrity could build...
When I see celebrities get behind causes not dedicated
to creating paradise on Earth I just have to wonder.
Is that not why we are here? To realize and manifest Eden again?
Im just saying...its in your best interest.
You need to eat just like the rest of us,
and who knows what the world is going to be like in 5 years?
That quicktrim money might be better used to start
your cooking fires on those brisk evenings in LA in 2013.
We all gotta survive, and you could seriously plant
so many positive ideas in people's hearts.
You could literally free hundreds of thousands of people
from indentured servitude. Consider it.
You want to be remembered for what now?
Maybe the Nobel Peace Prize!? Maybe?
Show Obama what its like to earn something.
And try to minimize those artifical sweeteners!
5 packets of Equal? You know and can afford better!
Stevia and Organic Raw honey!
Anthony from