Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Question from S...

Here's another question.
What he says right off I dont agree with. Im a bit nuts.


I feel like you are the only sane person in the "raw" community.
Everyone has there own way & everyone else is 100% wrong.
I feel so lost...I keep bouncing between raw and cooked.
I want to heal my body but keep being told that cooked food,
even if its healthy can not heal the body.

Here is how I would like to eat:

Breakfast: Green Juice, No Fruit.

Lunch: Wild Fish & Steamed Vegetables w/ a tablespoon of coconut oil.

Dinner: Wild Sardines & Steamed/Baked/Roasted Vegetables

I totally vibe with being a Pescatarian (only eat fish/seafood), no fruit, no grain.
Just Seafood & vegetables....
It vibes with me, and seafood is easier for the body to break down.
I just vibe with the oil in the fish, while chicken or beef feel like a brick in my stomach.
I just feel healthy eating this way, but am constantly told that I am wrong on my beliefs.

I am told its 100% raw or nothing. Can my above diet heal and keep me healthy?

Please help me, you have given me such great advice in the past -
"there is little sugar in nature and most grains would never
survive without constant human protection".

Who says 100% raw or nothing?
Juliano? A role-model if there ever was one!
I mix it up all the time and its fine for me. Who knows.
What I know is that I actually report from my experience
instead of simply repeating what some raw guru said.
We owe that to ourselves at the very least!

Sure, youre diet is a bit fish heavy,
and I would search for varieties that are low in heavy metals.
Its more than I'm willing to play around with,
and I would support organic fish farmers instead possibly.

Do you ethically vibe with the diet?
If youre of Northern Euro descent, I would look into
grass-fed dairy, preferably raw. Brisling Sardines are cool too.
When I have all that in my system, digestion is so simple
and I actually end up eating way less because Im satisfied.

Its great to get those grains minimized!
I occasionally have some, but its 1% compared to my old self.
I actually ended up at an italian restaurant last night and
had white bread with olive oil and Parmesan cheese!
Sure, I wouldnt go out looking for that, but I ended up
there with friends, made an exception for the evening,
Its all about what you do MOST of the time I feel.
I would freak out so much about not making any exceptions,
and it ruined my social life and made many others not want to spend
time with me because they felt judged or thought I had
some sort of a superiority complex (which I sort of did).

I eat raspberries now, maybe an odd piece of fruit.
If I go to SE asia or the tropics, Ill be all over the fruit again.
Im just tired of apples and pears.
Ive been eating some fun citrus lately though, but maybe one
piece a day max? Its so much less than before and I feel just fine.

I had an egg-cream smoothie for breakfast,
a hunk of cheese on my way to the airport,
some coconut kefir, and an avocado.

Oh right...and some chips and guacamole.
And a beer....with a lemon! A lemon!

I think there are so many wise people in the community,
and we are all getting sharper everyday because we are always
exposed to new revelations thru this wonderful creation called
the internet...praise the heavens for the internet.

Low sugar seems to be the way to go,
but keep playing around and see how you feel.
Listen to the cravings and pay attention to whats going in.
Liquify the diet when you can, your digestion will thank you.

Peace and thx!