Wednesday, January 27, 2010


(I took this two weeks ago, the sky was completely blue
and clear just two hours before. Other jets in the sky
put out no trail, but obviously these were.)

I have to admit that I was totally uninformed about
this um..."phenomena" up until about a year ago.

Maybe the idea that the government was spraying heavy
metals on the population was a bit too "Evil Empire - Sci Fi" to me.

I mean...seriously, how crazy of a scenario is that?

Well, with plain logic and some investigation,
one can come to their own conclusions.

Im not looking to stick my neck out and saying that they are real,
I dont feel like becoming a target even though Im a small fish to fry.

I simply feel that I can pass on the info and let others dive in.

What do you think about this?
Too crazy to be real?
Too damn obvious to be NOT real?

Check out some videos and judge for yourself.
Sorry if this really bums you out.

Check out the videos below.


This video right above is the definitive video to really
get the scoop on what might be going on.
Check out for more links and photos.

Again...sorry if this really f-ed your day up :(