Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Meet the Natives

I watched this last night with my friend,
and if there was a show on TV right now
that I could recommend it is this.

This is the episode we watched: Montana.
If there is a better argument for raising animals
on grass and natural foods, please share.

I wonder if the makers of the show really
wanted to subversively show the insanity of factory
farms when they had the idea of bringing these guys there.

To see the reactions of the men about injecting the cows with
medicines and feeding them bad food is just priceless.

I would highly recommend watching this show.

If you want a preview from the Travel Channel site, click HERE.
I would actually watch that first, then watch the whole show below.

One native man tells the American farmer -
"Your cow would taste much better if it ate grass"


This show gives us a pure perspective on the
screwed up nature of the American life...
I thank the travel channel for showing people
the insanity of factory farming,
even though not a negative word was said,
the reactions of the native men and the video really drives it home.