Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Greening the Desert Part 2!!!

Greening the Desert II: Greening the Middle East from Craig Mackintosh on Vimeo.

This is about 40 min long, but I promise you that it is
very WELL worth your time. (if youre into permaculture I guess)
It shows what can be done in some of the most unforgiving climates,
and gave me some really hopeful and inspiring moments
about rebuilding the paradise that Earth once was.
Expand to full screen...the quality is pretty solid.

Im building swales with branches and logs around this little meadow
right now and it is COLD outside. But im sweating from all
the walking around and carrying stuff.

Anyways...I definitely recommend that video above.
Food forests are the future, likely thru sheer necessity...
but those that can jump on earlier will enjoy life MUCH
more in this upcoming decade.
What a decade we just went thru right?
Like...the best ever and the worst ever?
Well, the bad stuff is nothing new.

Here is to the new decade filled with food forests,
local organic produce, complete nonviolence,
and month-long adventures instead of the 40hr work- week
...why not 20...or 4?

Plan your decade, include some tree planting.