Monday, November 2, 2009

Submerged into the Embrace of Pacha Mama

Again...these ideas are being picked up by many of us.
After learning about Earthships, I came to the conclusion
pretty quickly that by submerging any structure,
whether for humans, plants, livestock, or a combo of these..
we are protected within her embrace from the ups and downs
of the ever-changing and sometimes brutal weather.

By submerging our structures into the Earth,
we are snuggling ourselves in with superior insulation
and creating a little womb of warmth in the winter months.
I will definitely be doing this, at first for a new greenhouse
that will support two Paw-Paw trees,
then a small chicken-quail-duck home on the east side of the dome,
and then eventually a 40ft diameter circle human home with walls
2-3 ft thick and big southern facing windows to be able to grow tropical fruit
trees in the painfully cold winter weather of Central Minnesota.

Imagine the picture above with a pure glass ceiling.
Even a raised hoop ceiling or an A-frame.
Making sure there is enough head-room for two
vigorous paw-paw trees that will need their space in 5 years.

Keep visualizing your paradise!