Friday, November 6, 2009

Philips Party This Weekend

Dont forget, if youre near NYC this weekend,
make it a point to get to Philips bday party.

Here are the details from our friend, who is shining at 33!
What a transformation in so many ways.
When I think of Jared from Subway - I feel bad for the guy.
The fact that he limited his diet to those processed sandwiches
for so damn long. Im thinking about all the raw desserts.
Ugh...think of the raw decadence Philip has enjoyed these
past few years, and dont forget the changes in consciousness that
living foods has brought on for him. They definitely brought them to me.

If weather is decent tomorrow during the day,
Ill be in central park powerwalking/jogging and
looking for wildflower seeds for next spring.

Im already finding stuff everywhere...lots of echinacea.

Email me if youre possibly up for a group jog/seed hunt.

Here's Philip-

Yo..... Party People in the Place to Be!

Much love to my NYC family. I am so excited to see you all tomorrow at my birthday party! Woohoo!!!

We got a cool group of conscious cats coming out to celebrate my 33rd trip around the sun, and for this I am grateful. Who's on the list you ask? Well I ain't saying any names but we got: celeb internet bloggers, world traveling musicians, doctors to the stars, and cool peeps of all kinds. Shoot, you might even meet Christine from Phantom of the Opera... or who knows... maybe even an electronic/dance superstar known around the world... Keep your eyes peeled.

But most importantly YOU are going to be there. I am so grateful for all the love and support I have received from each and every one of you. The love that I feel from this raw community is amazing. WE are all blessed.

Event Details:
7:45pm: Line queue starts to ensure your place
8:00pm (sharp) - 8:45pm: Shazzie, International Author & Vegan Superstar will be coming to us Live from England via the magic of Skype for her virtual book launch of her latest controversial book Ecstatic Beings (which has already been removed from the shelves of some stores in London). We will have an amazing Q & A session via a 50inch plasma with every question from Raw Food to Ecstatic Living, and Living A Life Without Comprise and Creating Your Own Rules.
9:00pm: Music, Dancing, unlimited Raw Vegan Chocolate, sexy conversation and fun interaction... downstairs in the Chakra Room
11:00pm: The Chakra Room opens to the public and we will get to interact with all the fun people parting upstairs. This is your time to SHINE!

Venue Details:
Sutra Lounge
16 First Ave (btwn 1st & 2nd)
NYC, NY 10009

Note: When you come to the club say you're here for Philip's Birthday party and you will be allowed in. Remember, this is a club and you will need to be over 21 and have your ID. No tickets will be sold at the door so if you have any friends that want to come have them book today!

Love you... and save a dance for me,

Philip McCluskey