Friday, November 13, 2009

Echinacea Purpurea (Purple Coneflower everybody!)

The lessons of life and impermanence always reach us
in the natural world. What is now pictured above...

Was once in its full glory. Don't cling on to your outer
shell too much...change DOES happen.

Before I ventured out into the wilds of NYC to hunt
for wildflower seeds, I bought some online like a proper consumer.
The comfrey seeds were a smart purchase,
but the Echinaceas on the left - well...
Ive been finding many MANY of those around
the parks here, and there is really no reason to buy
any if you have access to the free stuff.

Im going to start the packaged ones inside and transplant them
in the spring, and the other THOUSANDS ive found -
Ill just spread them around the forest garden and hope
for the best...the bees will be even happier next year.

Plant lots of flowers...cover the area with them,
especially if you want beneficial insects around
and if you want to feed bees. The purple coneflower
is a long lived perennial that will continue to give bee food
and will provide medicinal roots for the humans wise enough
to grow and harvest them. And what a pretty plant.

I found some in central park, tompkins sq park,
prospect park, Irving Square...just about everywhere.
Madison Sq Park...Ill just walk around and pick seedheads
and make noises to the squirrels...who are totally trained to
eat from human hands...its crazy. Make a kissy-noise
to a NYC squirrel and prepare for some attention.

Plant beneficial perennials and reap the benefits for decades to come.