Monday, November 30, 2009

The Cacao Tree...

"Hey lady...this stuff doesnt taste like chocolate!"

My mom sent me this recent pic of the cacao tree.
It is getting too much direct sunlight in my opinion,
and I have to call her to let her know.

This is the same tree, which I picked up
at Pine Island Nursery in Miami, FL.
Just $30 if I remember right, and it has grown like a weed.

She (the tree) was SOOO happy in the summer greenhouse.
The air was thick, the sunlight was indirect, and the
temperature seemed to be just right.

I hope I can plant it directly in the ground in the next 2 years,
but soon enough she will need a new container.

Pretty soon, I'm hoping some flowers like these
will begin to pop up...patience is a virtue.

A creation of Man could never surpass a creation of Divine Nature.

Although, Man could co-create one thing in particular
that would make any god smile.

A forest garden in Bali, Indonesia.
Shambhala is not a city to be discovered,
it is a way of life to be created.

And on the same line of thought,
Heaven is not something that we simply hope for after
we decide to leave our temporary bodies,
rather, it is a state of mind and a state of living that can
be cultivated on the planet right now if we choose it.

Re-Build paradise, or keep on reminiscing about it
from historical and religious texts.
Our choice.