Saturday, October 31, 2009

Vitalis on Colostrum...

In a recent post, I was talking about trying to be more
independent in thought and not putting so much stock
in what one individual may be saying (or selling).


I feel that it is a responsibility of mine to share
whatever valuable info I come across because I think
it will help others. To keep it to myself for some selfish
reason or whatever just doesnt make any sense.

So...Daniel Vitalis is really bringing strong innovation our way.
And at risk of seeming like a D.Vitalis lackey,
I must share some really amazing videos I just saw.

Youre all big kids, you can do your own research and see
for yourself if you think it might be right for you.
Im convinced, but do your thing.

Here are some videos that go WAY deeper than just some
colostrum info. Think about some ideas like a family
eating a placenta after a woman gives birth or a father
drinking some of the colostrum of the mother of his child.
Ideas that are so far away from our modern mindsets.
Where have we been (mis)led for the past millennium?
Why is everyone around us in meso-health AT BEST?

We are in a process of continual downloading and reprogramming.
With the internet, we now have access to new ideas (and...products)
every day, and its up to us to be as educated as possible
about whether these strategies will somehow be valuable in our lives.

Check them out...worth every minute.
This interview could easily be worth $30
if they wanted to charge people for it.
There is so much key info in here, that if you can take
even 1/2 of it and somehow apply it to your health
strategy (especially about the probiotics) there will be
vast improvements in immune function (in my heartfelt opinion...)

Here are some mp3s that go much further in depth:
1. Click HERE to listen to Daniel Vitalis interview
Dr Anthony Kleinsmith about the healing
benefits of colostrum.

2. Click HERE to listen to Dr Kleinsmith talk about
colostrum and its effectiveness against Swine Flu.

Some have asked -
"Won't they run out of this stuff if the demand soars?"
"What about the baby cows?"

Like anyone selling any product, there must be
some trust involved. How do we know all the goji berry plants
arent being stripped or the cacao trees are being stressed from
overharvest? We have put some faith in vendors who claim sustainability.

Any doubt of that and I would pull my support,
but all seems very well and I trust Daniel to continue
bringing high-integrity products and information to the world.

I don't care if you decide to buy colostrum or not.
That is totally up to you and you can choose later on anyways.
Buy (or dont buy) whatever you feel like. Your life.

But its the information in the videos and the mp3s about
where our immune systems ARE NOW and where they COULD BE
is where the golden key really is. Again, these are worth every second.
Check them out while doing some stretches if youre worried
about devoting 30 minutes to youtube. ;)

Just spreading some info...and the part about Matt
drinking Angela's breastmilk is pure comedy.