Friday, October 9, 2009

Scammer Uses Rawmodel Pics to Sell JUNK

3 friends and quite a few visitors to
contacted me today to tell me that someone is using my
old before-after pics to sell some crap called AcaiForce.

We think the affiliate is based out of the UK,
and the company itself has no knowledge of the
shady tactics used by this affiliate to sell products.

Im pretty bummed though, because:
One - The Product is not a good product,
and I dont want to be seen as promoting it.
and Two - They are using my pictures to sell their stuff!
And what liars! Michael from Brooklyn?

Let this be a VERY wary about ads and
anything you seen online. Its a sad fact.

My reputation as a caring soul that puts people
and truth first before profit is far more valuable
than any shady endorsement deal.

I am sending a letter to the company,
and we might even get a lawyer involved.

I remember the WLIR post with all the fake ads
last year or so (likely longer than that) and its just
so unfortunate to see dishonesty and trickery out there.

Lets outshine this junk...keep living your truth
and making up for the jokers out there who care
more about the almighty dollar than honesty.

You cant escape your higher self, for it ALWAYS
knows if you(your current human ego) are a phony or not.