Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Good Clip from Abraham

Anyone out here a fan of Abraham-Hicks?

We chose to be here for a reason.
Sometimes Id be so pissed that I placed myself
in such a mess of a civilization, but later on I
realized that I needed to be here to take part in
making it better...making it paradise.

Think about it: Imagine for a second or so...
You were born in a Utopia, where everyone loved each
other and food and clean water and housing was completely
abundant and free, and most of our time was dedicated to
art, adventure, loving, creation, and self-realization.
This is the way it has been for a while now, and life is obviously
good...but how much would you really appreciate it if this was
the only way you knew? Would you truly honor it as much?

Now think about this -
You were born on a planet with a destructive civilization that
is basically acting like a virus upon the natural world.
People spend most of their time working at jobs they dont
love so they can buy stuff that should simply be abundant
without the need for money. During free time, people watch
strangers play sports, go shopping, talk about and compare themselves
to movie stars and celebrities...etc etc etc. Lots of wasted time
and disconnection from Spirit and Mother Nature.

HOWEVER...this is the best of times, and the worst of times.
I am seeing innovation and connection like never before.
Truly revolutionary ideas are coming from citizens,
not governments and multinational corporations
(The people who continue to keep us in this mess).
People are beginning to rebuild the Garden of Eden in their
backyards and neighborhoods, and even Vogue Magazine
did a feature on Guerrilla Gardening, which made my eyes pop out.

Things are getting better. Yes?

Now lets imagine, we completely rebuild paradise.
We abolish the need to pay for food, water, electricity, housing,
and transportation. The spell is broken and we now spend our time
making art, gardening, making love, and learning about both
inner and outer space. Life became good because...

Wouldn't that be more satisfying?
Are we setting ourselves up for the most triumphant
experience ever? To rebuild Paradise Lost?

The highest vibration (akin to love)
is triumph. Overcoming hardships give so much
more inner happiness than just having things delivered
on a silver platter. Im happy that I busted my ass building my
garden. If the thing was already built for me or if I took no part
in its creation I would be screwing myself out of triumph.
I sit up there and tell myself:
I CREATED this... What was once barren scrub,
is now a lush garden of fruit trees, berries, clovers, wildflowers,
and unimaginable galaxies of big and little animals.
You cant buy that feeling, you have to earn it.

We get to be the ones that make it better.
How lucky for us!
This whole experience is just a ride, and we
(and WE really are just one individual deep down anyways...)
have chosen to participate in the co-creation of Heaven on Earth.
We have come here for a reason. Did you think you just
randomly showed up? Seriously?

It saddens me that our recent ancestors were hoodwinked
into trashing large parts of our planet, but there is still
time to re-heal. One conscious creator can erase the unconscious
actions of thousands of disconnected individuals.

We were on vacation in Thailand last January, and I ended up
harvesting 25 plastic bottles from a beach near Koh Phi Phi.
One person erased the negative actions of 25. Not bad.

Im rambling, but you get the idea.
We get to feel triumph whenever we want.
Lets make it happen for ourselves, instead of
inheriting it from our ancestors.

We get to give ourselves the gift
of feeling Triumphant!
What a deal!!! All is WELL!!!