Monday, October 5, 2009

The Future of Living Cuisine - 105 Degrees

A Living Foods Oasis in the middle of the Cooked Desert.

Im one of those people who always try to minimize
my camera use, but when I see all the good pics people
take, I wish I had done more myself.

I took some good ones though, but sadly
focused more on food than the good people.

Is it me, or is it just raw foodies that take pictures
of not only their food, but the food of other
people sitting at their table?

You wouldnt believe it (or maybe you would).
As soon as the server places the dishes on the table,
out come the cameras and its like the paparazzi.

Baklava...praise the heavens.

Macaroons Version 2.0
The tan ones were beyond belief.

This I didnt taste, but it looked too cute.
Love those sprouted lentils...

This was some kind of "Aztec Parfait"
if I remember right. Again, amazing.

Coconut Curry Rice, my favorite.

What was most striking about these dishes
were that they were the creations
of the academy students in the LEVEL ONE
program. These dishes were just as good
than any other place Ive been to.

What the heck is going on in Oklahoma?

Philip and I made it to the tasting on Friday
night, which was the graduation of the
academy students. If you want to put yourself
on the fast track of living foods cuisine,
consider taking a month out of your schedule
and sign up. A commitment yes, but think about
the possibilities after graduation.
And you would be learning from a true master.

Im keeping the people pics to a minimum,
because there is always the chance that someone
is not going to like a certain pic of themselves
(I know females (and many males now too),
and very few approve of their pictures posted by others,
so to stay in good graces, Ive kept it to food.)
Check out the other blogs for lots of good
people pics, there are loads of them.

Here they are in NO particular order:
Penni at Real Food Tulsa
Courtney at Radical Radiance
Ani at
Philip at
Karen at
Tim at

They may or may not have posted thier pics
yet, but there are the sites. Keep checking.

A very wise thing about 105 is that they
have BRUNCH! Who doesn't love brunch?
This was a blue corn tostada, I should
have ordered one to go for my plane ride home.A painfully tasty coconut yogurt parfait.
Breakfast of champs.

I want to become a food photographer.
This dessert had the whole place silent with
caramel-pecan ecstasy.

I should have used the flash...a wonderful dessert trio.

I had to give up a modeling job to attend this event.
Before I arrived I was a little mad that I was missing out
on work, but after arriving and reconnecting and meeting
all the great souls that attended, I was SO glad I went.

A HUGE thanks to the 105 Degrees team
for putting on such a spotless event.
It is such a breath of fresh air to see such professionalism
and tact in the living foods world.
THIS is what we all need. Little crunchy cafes
arent going to get most people to try different food,
especially Raw(????) food,
but slick places like 105 has that potential.
The place was ALWAYS busy.

HERE is more info on the 105 team,
I would highly recommend stopping in and showing
your support for such innovation and excellence.

Here is a video that Penni did as well,
it will give you a little taste of the weekend.