Saturday, September 19, 2009

Skip the Swine Flu Shot

Dawn, the lovely lady over at Happy Healthy Balance
just did a wonderful post about whats going on with Swine Flu.
Check it out HERE.

The US Gov't tried this in 1976,
and they are gearing up for it again.
Whether or not they will make the move to make it mandatory
is still up in the air...Im reading so much about it now and
all the talk of metal bracelets and confinement camps for refusers
is really getting me worked up. By November 1st we should
know if they are crazy enough to try to force us to take the vaccine.

If they are going to make that move,
we really need to be ready.
At the very least, prepare yourself and your family
and be educated on what you can do.

Check out Dawn's post for more info.

More aluminum anyone?