Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rejected by the "Ladies"

I never claimed to be an expert beekeeper.
There are simply two honeybee hives in the food forest
project in MN, and we occasionally check in on them
and wrap them up snug for the winter.

I dont know tons about bees, and believe that by
leaving them alone and providing good food and shelter
for them, maintenance is hardly needed.
This is my viewpoint on gardening and health overall.

Less is more.

So...I went against that a little bit a month ago
to see just what was cooking in their hives.

One hive is mellow, which wasnt filmed because
there wasnt much to show and I only have 10 min on youtube.
The other hive though is quite aggressive, and will
even attack when the lid is simply taken off the top.

Usually it is the guards near the entrance of the hive
that are the tough ones, but these bees all take part.

Bees cannot hear, which is a good thing.
I felt that I had to speak so loud to talk with my
dad and was worried that it would disturb them.

Ive heard that they sense fear, and although I wasnt
really scared, I was tense as hell after getting stung in
my finger twice. It was getting to be too frustrating so I gave up
and let them be. Honey is being made, so that is all we need to know.

I used to sit in front of the hives last year and meditate,
usually sitting about 2 feet away from the entrance.
They would just buzz right by as if I wasnt there.
I didnt move much, but still.

These bees now will get aggressive with you if you are picking
vegetables 15 feet from the hive...pretty sassy for sure.

You just cant avoid getting stung eventually.
Maybe Im wrong, but Ive been hit at least 10 times
in the past 2 seasons and I havent even been around them
all that much, so just be aware to that fact that if you have
bee allergies, think long and hard about where you can put
your bees and have someone else do the dirtywork for you.

Hope you enjoy the video.