Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Water and some D. Vitalis interviews to check out

Im trying to remember the last time
I got so many comments from a post...

VANITY!!! Haha....

Im glad to see so much involvement though.
Dawn has really done meticulous research over the
past few years, and she really has it dialed down at this point.

It took her about 4 days to write it, and Im
glad to see everyone appreciate it...thanks so much!

So......another way to cleanse the skin? CLEAN WATER.

Im assuming that many of you in the conscious eating/living
circles have heard the buzz about freshly harvested spring water.

Within the past few months, Ive started listening to Daniel Vitalis,
and his work has really sped up my personal progress.
His work with water, herbs, surTHRIVal, and wild foods
REALLY resonate with me to the core.

Im turning into a DV junkie for sure!
If you are looking for some more interviews,
go to Patrick Timpone's One Radio Network
and click on the Health and Nutrition podcast section.
I also recommend listening to the parts about agriculture
and finance...MINDBLOWING.

I signed up quickly and for free (premium members get more
content, but the free membership that I have is still amazing).

Ive just been blown away by all the great stuff on there,
whenever Im walking around or sitting in the sauna,
Ive got some podcast from O.R.N. going.

Dhrumil also interviewed Daniel on WLIR last year too,
so if you havent heard that one, for sure...check it out.
His message is SO much more approachable to people that
still want to eat dairy products and meat...
Introducing my family to Daniel's work would be so much
more adaptable for them than showing them David Wolfe's.
The more you listen to the interviews, the more you'll know what I mean.

Anyways, back to the water.
I can feel the difference, and everything about getting your
own spring water is SO win-win all the way.
It tastes amazing, it hasnt been steeped in plastic
bottles for months and months, and is FREE.
(minus the cost of getting out there...but we can carpool of course.)

Here is a video that we made from that day.
We harvested 18 gallons and still have about 6 left.
Its been 9 days, but there are two of us.

If one were prepared, they could harvest
one month of water each time they went.
This was an HOUR from NYC. If we can
get it here, chances are you can get it an hour
from where you live too.
Don't assume immeadiately that you can't.
I did that too about spring water at first,
but the light has shown through and I know realize
that not only is it POSSIBLE, but its optimal and I would
never ever want to go back to the old ways.

Check out Findaspring.com and google your state
and "natural springs" or "spring water".