Sunday, August 3, 2008

Raw Vegan Radio...and...Grapes.

This picture is from last summer,
but I just thought I'd post it since Im really craving
good quality seeded grapes right now.
Finding decent organic grapes with seeds is
becoming more and more of a challenge every year.

My three year old vines actually have grapes on them.
I'm going to have to take a picture of those soon...
although I left my digital camera in NY by accident.
Seriously though, grape vines arent that expensive,
and the ones I ordered were all in good shape.
There are a ton of leaves and they already have grapes!
You can't ask for more!!
Each vine should be from $5-15 dollars depending where you shop.
A really great investment for EVERY home and garden.

Imagine your city apartment with a terrace...
grapevines covering your outdoor dinner table.
Or climbing up your porch, grapes hanging above you
as you read your books and relax.
Grapes would be a top 5 on the list for an urban gardener.
They add so much to the vibe of the room and are
much less labor over time compared to
annual vegetables, melons, and cucumbers.

I think everyone should have as many raspberry hedges
as nature will allow. The raspberries are ripening now
and there is just no way I can leave the garden without
eating 15-20 unsprayed organic raspberries.
You reap what you sow...and raspberries (and all similar berries)
give back BIGTIME.

I am in the process of listening to the Raw Vegan Radio
interview I did last week with Steve Prussack.
He such a cool guy, really down to Earth for sure.
Click the link to check out the interview.

He has brought SO much knowledge to the
listening community, its just ridiculous.
Endless thanks, Steve, for all the effort and amazing results.

My voice quality isnt 100% though, and
I thought the cell phone was really clear but nevertheless,
its totally worth the listen. Let me know what you think.

The internet was down over here, so I had 6 (SIX!) full
days sans computer. What a strange feeling that is.
Came back to a hoard of emails though,
so please be patient if you shot me a question
lately and are waiting for a response.

The garden is really taking off..
lots of tomatoes on the way and melons and cucumbers.
It will take time to keep building up the soil,
but they are doing considerably well for what they have to work with.

Now that I'm online again,
there will be lots coming up soon.

Thanks for your patience everyone!

(p.s.....the recipe for the simple key-lime pie is now up!
Check the pic on the sidebar...)