Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Visiting The Dentist...

A video about fluoride I think we should all watch.

I learned a really good lesson today at the dentist.
I usually go in once a year for a cleaning, mostly
because I figure that since Im raw my teeth are probably fine.

This is a half-truth.

Despite the fact that I did a toothpaste commercial last week,
I did have some tartar buildup and what could be in the future
a cavity in one of my molars. I was a bit upset.

Its funny...when we go raw, we feel that we are immune to everything.
Needless to say, raw does help immensely, but it depends on the style of
the diet. Myself...TOO MUCH FRUIT AND HONEY!

I dont care what we are eating..raw or cooked...if there is lots of sugar,
we have to take precautions. My dentist told me that Im also
brushing too hard (typical type A behavior?) and its causing
bad recession on some of my teeth.

Its no wonder people don't like going to the dentist,
they typically feel bad about themselves after they leave the place.

So here is what Im going to do.

RINSE with water after every meal. Wash the sugars out of
the crevices and get those acids off the teeth. I think this alone would
do wonders. THEN...when I brush lightly, I will also rinse with food grade
hydrogen peroxide. Im using Jason Sea Mineral toothpaste now, and
have been for a while. I know of some who go real hardcore with the
theme of au natural in regards to toothpaste, but I feel the Jason toothpaste
is pretty strong. Good taste too.

Remember the lesson...just because we are RAW doesnt mean
that we can eat honey and fruits until we pass out. Those sugars
in such large amounts are not really intended for our consumption.
We have to think back...how much sugar was in the natural diet?
VERY LITTLE. And its been shown the fluctuations in blood sugar
is a very likely culprit for depression. Ive felt this...the ups and downs.
It can get a bit wacky...so keep the sugar in check.

Werent we taught to brush hard? I cant remember anyone
telling me to gently brush my teeth when I was young.

I bought some more Juneberry bushes today too, along
with some more apples. They were all 35% off. I wish I would have done
all my tree purchases now...could have saved $1000 probably.
For all of you thinking about doing a project like this,
see if you can plant in the late summer and get a good deal on
trees. The savings could be HUGE.

Still having internet issues so the videos are...um...coming.

Keep smiling...