Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Conspiracy? Hmmm...Maybe Not?

A main line of thought that I've had for the past few years
was that those "at the top" have been pushing foods and drugs
on us that make us slow, stupid, and easily controlled.

Why is beer consumption so encouraged?
Why is McDonald's and other fast foods so accessible?

These questions led me to the ASSumption that "they" are:

Trying to poison us so we buy more pharmaceuticals.
Trying to make our minds weak by feeding us brain-fogging foods.

This made perfect sense to me, until a few things occurred to me.

(photo courtesy of Time)

Tony Snow, who was at first an unofficial spokesman for the Bush
Administration while working for Faux News (wake up everyone!!),
and because he spread the propaganda so well was
later promoted to actually be the official white house spokesman,
came down with Colon Cancer a while back,
and then passed away recently because of the sickness.

Now the question is...if he really was on "the inside"..would he
have still poisoned himself for 50 years by eating garbage?
He cultivated his cancer...if there was some plot to poison the masses
through junk food, don't you think he would have known about it and
decided to eat alkaline foods that don't feed cancer?

Here's another.

Dick Cheney...who is probably the epitome of evil in my opinion,
has poisoned himself so badly that he has had four heart surgeries now.
This guy should be on the inside track, no? Why wouldnt he have the info
to keep himself healthy so he could continue to rape this country
and then proceed to lie to the public about all of it?

Wait...I get it. If he was eating raw, and was ALKALINE,
he wouldn't be the lying warmonger that he is.
The guy is more acidic than a can of coke.

So, that leaves me scratching my head.
These jokers have continually eaten poison their entire lives.
They are just as brainwashed as the people living on fast food
and corn syrup. Maybe the culture is just so deeply rooted that
eating trash is common at all levels.
At least on that issue the rich and poor can unite.

(photo courtesy of UK Telegraph)

Oh no! Not HIM too!
Why not say..."I dont drink beer...its poison and your life
would be richer and more productive if you cut it out of your life too."

Come on...stop pandering to these schlubs!


Could you ever imagine a RAW president?