Thursday, July 10, 2008

6 days Past "Independence" Day

I was planning to do this post on July 4th, but truth be told,
I was doing my thing in Minnesota and since I couldnt upload
photos, I had to hold off.

But now since Im back in NY with the good connection, here it goes.

Ah...Independence Day. I just love how "they" (whoever that may be)
seem to cram the ideas of freedom and independence into our minds.
As if freedom was a brand name...

Here's the skinny. As long as you are:
1. In poor physical health
2. In financial debt
3. Ignorant about the current state of the world...


Now, here is the ironic part.
The same people that push the idea of "freedom" down our throats,
are the same ones that have always and still:

1. Sell and tell us to eat foods and take prescription drugs that will
banish us to poor health until we wither away and die.
2. Keep telling us to SPEND SPEND SPEND...and if we dont have the money,
they will mail us credit cards and tell us to borrow it, and then will try to seduce
us with materialism by making us feel ugly and incomplete.
3. LIE to us about current affairs and promote the continual "dumbing down"
of the youth of America. These youths are now the most incompetent and weak
generation in the history of the world. It is now a global marketplace,
and the youth of America (of course there are pockets of strength,
but Im generalizing here) will never be able to compete with the youth of
China, India, Europe, and now MANY other areas of the world.

Keep drinking beer...keep watching TV...dont pay attention.

They (the old white men that are responsible for the death and destruction
of the Earth and the mass ignorance of the public) will tell us one thing
and promote the idea of freedom, and then promote lifestyles that will forever enslave us.

So how do you really break free?

Well for one, raw food is likely to free you from sickness, and the
mental clarity that it gives will hopefully wake you up and give your
third eye a nice polishing. Psychedelic Power Plants can do the same,
but raw food will also get you there eventually.

Financially....break free from the spell of materialism.
You are complete. You have enough clothes. You look great.
No need to buy more to make you feel better.
Put your money towards improving your mind and
by setting up a lifestyle free of bills (permaculture).

Lack of Debt = Freedom.
If you dont have debt, you are more free to leave the job you arent crazy about.
You are more free to to travel the world and live a life worth writing about.

Just think about it. Those three things. From all angles, your
freedom is being sliced away from the people that want you to wave flags.

America has become a total joke, living in the shadow of what it
used to be (and that was mostly a facade anyways).

I want the best for this country. I want to see green cities covered with rooftop
gardens and free of traffic. I want the main concern of the citizens to be -
"Which book am I going to read today?"
or "what art and music am I going to create today?"
I want each and every citizen to become genius athletes. Why aim for less?

We have been tricked into working at jobs we dont love to buy mostly
crap we have been brainwashed to desire. BREAK THE SPELL.

Freedom is yours if you want it. Waving flags is a sad joke.

One last thought:
Think about this...if you were to fly the American flag upside down in your
front yard, within 2 days, the FBI would have:
1. Investigated your entire life
2. Placed surveillance in your home to determine if you are a "terrorist",
and 3. completely trashed your rights to privacy that they claim to protect.

Ask Japanese Americans who were alive during WWII about their "rights"
that were stripped away because of fear and hatred.
Its all a mirage.

Not being negative...just being real.