Monday, June 2, 2008

What is possible

I dont want to seem like Im trying to show off.
Its not about impressing, its about inspiration.

Ladies...if your guy thinks that going raw will turn him
into a skinny-waify vegan, tell them that they need to rethink a bit.

This body is fueled on massive doses of green leafy vegetables,
superfoods (mostly hemp, vitamineral green, bee pollen, maca, mesquite, and goji),
and loads of wild foods, especially wild greens.
100% raw vegan. No flesh, no animal body fluids (dairy).
Im trying to keep my sugar down, so Im having green apples with hemp butter.

This one isnt green, but the pic was taken months ago.

(A little cross-section pictured below
for a better idea of whats going on here...
cinnamon on top...YUM!)

And then mostly berries in my smoothies.
One full pound of blueberries has around 36 grams of sugar.
That is ridiculously low if you think about how many berries that is. worries guys. The hardest part is just being active.
Its one thing to be conscious about what you eat,
its quite another to get your vegan butt to the gym.

One hour a day though. I swear...thats it.
Is there something you can cut out of your day
so you can replace it with just one hour of working out?

And dont expect huge results right away.
It took me quite a while to get where Im at.

Working out before breakfast will get you there faster,
as will eating very light in the evenings.

However, persistence will conquer all. Remember that.
With ANYTHING...persistence conquers all.

And I put on weight easily. Two days of heavy raw foods
and low activity will really show in my face, then later in my body.
I have to stay active if I want to continue looking like this.
Nothing that is really worth doing was ever easy.

Rethink your mindset of the vegan male.
Its time for a new image. This works for me,
its quite possible that it can work for you too.



Anonymous said...

yummy to all three pictures. thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the motivation, I needed it and I'm sure that others do too:)Happy Monday!

Carrie Nicole said...

Inspiring to say the least my dear! And just in time as I finally just resolved myself to the fact that I need to get my behind to the gym every day. As long as I get myself there, I'm good.

And I'm ok with not getting the perfect workout in every single time, if it's only 20 minutes of cardio and stretching, well, that's better than nothing!

Question for you bc I'm curious, how do you set up your splits/workouts...I'm doing push/pull/legs these days, has been helping me keep it mixed up and challenging...I get bored in the gym easily.


Anonymous said...

you know, straight people aren't the only who read your blog...

and - of course you look amazing and healthy and all, but it's an unfortunate fact that there are tons of people who are as fit as you that do not eat raw, let alone vegan... and as for someone like me who's trying to lose 40+ pounds to become as thin as Cole Mohr, it seems much easier to lose the weight through eating frozen microwavable packaged foods, since it's easier to count calories and do not differ too much from my regular diet.

Anonymous said...

Losing weight or being thin or being low in weight does NOT mean healthy. If all you are trying to do is make a certain weight, then eat crap....just not very much. You could just eat rice if you want to. The fact is that you can eat more and keep a healthy weight if you eat healthy. You could eat one microwavable burrito and get your full days cholesterol and sodium, or you could eat 3 meals and not hardly come close to your daily max intake. Think about what you are trying to accomplish and how to get there. The thing you have to remember though is that being a Raw Vegan is a life diet, not a weight loss diet. You can eat raw and lose weight but it is more of a perminant way of eating which will naturally keep you at a healthy weight if you dont eat too much fatty foods. There are also people that are very very healthy that do not eat raw vegan. Could they be healthier if they were raw vegan? Maybe. Maybe a balance by getting in some more carbs is what they need for an extreme activity style life and is what suits them better. I have found that when I am training for a race, that eating some cooked carbs or more starchy foods is what helps me because when I train alot and am 100% raw, I get more light headed and more worn out at the end of my workouts but that is just because it takes so many more calories and carbs when you are training hardcore but some might not have the same results. Someone might look perfectly healthy and have a heart attack. I have known people like that. Thin doenst = Healthy

Anthony said...

I totally concur with Aaron's statement. You can look good on the outside, but your insides can be rotting away from acidic foods and fungus.

Look at Florence Griffith Joyner. She died of an asthma attack because her body was completely overloaded with mucous.

Being thin comes down to calories, but to be fully alkalized and be free of fungus, yeast, and mold is a totally different thing.

Thanks Aaron...5 more days amigo!


Anonymous said...

Anthony-I inspired my brothers to juice and do raw nut milk and eat more raw. I didn't pick on their current diet, because they always accept me for who I am. brother came to visit me and when he got off the plane, I was stunned. He looked the most ripped I had ever seen him in his life (42 years old mind you!) In the kitchen when I was making a raw snack for us, he flexed for me. Being a former body builder myself, I was so impressed. I find the problem with me being raw, at this time.... (being a girl) is my definition is getting more and more and I don't know how to stop it. I don't go to the gym because I have brain damage from a brain bleed (5% chance of living). I can only lift one pound pink weights 10 minutes every other day. I walk, everyday when I can, but not too much because it can stiffen my left side that was completely paralyzed from the bleed and brain damage So, with all the issues (or blessings that I have my life) I have to say, the one given that I can do is eat raw and vegan. Through a twist of fate, I am finding out that eating raw is doing most of the work that I used to do during my bodybuilding days. So for all your fans, I just want to tell them... it can be done on the normal level. All it takes is patience. Due to my injury, it is two years later. For some, that is an eternity, for me, it is a gift. Ask my brothers. Both took only six months of changing their diet to much more raw than before and they got amazing results. I know that both you and I know what it has done to our bodies, and yes at 52 I am finally a size 0. (My brothers laugh and say... that isn't a size) So for all you starving people out there trying to fit in those skinny raw,the hunger and crazy cravings will go away and you will look amazing. All because of Seeds, nuts, veggies and fruits in their unalterated nature given state!

greg said...

Anthony, I am a professional jockey, and after witnessing the particular diet of an up and coming horse I am training with, I became inspired to be a raw foodist also. Basically, what the owners are doing, and this is so wonderful, they are not using any drugs or steroids, no horse feed, but this horse is being fed a %100 organic raw food diet, but he eats grass grown in mineralized soil also. The bill is through the roof, but the owners/trainer insist. So I noticed the keeper giving this horse MACA and then I put some in my juice. That same day, I saw the horse eating the blossoms off a black locust tree, they like the sweetness, hey just like you.
I have immense pressure on me to maintain a low weight, about 112lbs ideally, so my question is, how do you either get to or maintain such a low weight on a raw food diet? It is possible, I'm trying to live my life without counting calories, yet having enough energy to do my job which is exhausting and so far all the books I've read mention just how to stay on this diet, not maintain a certain physique. I'd like to be in harmony with nature and with my horse whom I spend so much time with.

Anonymous said...

thanks for being a model citizen and helping bust the myth that muscular men need animal protein to get that way. they don't!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to have come across your blog, you have really inspired me to become a raw food vegan! Keep up the good work =)

Unknown said...

Apples and hemp butter were my transition staples. <3