Sunday, May 18, 2008

Watermelon Video Q & A...

(Image courtesy of Banksy)
I didnt have any watermelon pics, so I thought
something else would do.

Onto the post...

I've received lots of feedback on this video,
so I thought Id answer most of the questions right here.

"what exactly are the benefits you'd hope to gain from watermelon juicing for 3-5 days (rather than, say, 1 day)? thanks so much, love your blog."

- Nancy

Hi Nancy,

Exact benefits...I don't really know. Its more about super-hydrating
and giving my digestive system a break. Im looking for high amounts of nutrition
with little or no stress on the stomach. I've also read that its very cleansing
for the kidneys, as are cucumbers.

1 day vs 3-5 days...its about cumulative benefits such as EXTENDED
cleansing and resting of the digestive system. One day of anything
usually isnt even close to enough time to notice a difference.

Usually its WEEKS...but with cleansing, it can be days.


Do you buy organic? i love watermelon and used to eat one a day when i was in hs but i stopped after going raw bc organic is so expensive. what do you do?


I DO buy organic...the only items that I might skimp on ARE
- cucumbers (ONLY in the winter when they cost 5 times as much)
- some tropical produce that I buy occasionally in Chinatown, like mangoes and avocados.
Once in a great while we'll have conventional lemons or limes, but its rare.

Otherwise its ALL organic. It just becomes something that you are.
You just dont want to buy stuff sprayed with poison and grown with god-knows-what.
I'm a pretty frugal guy too (ASK DAWN), but when it comes to food,
it rests on one premise..."Am I good enough to deserve the best possible food ever?"
I'd rather cut back on any other expense and put it towards optimal food.
Think about what you can budget on, and allocate that towards nutrition.


Hi Anthony,
I've been looking at buying a Breville juicer and now you've inspired me even more. Do you mind telling me the model number of your juicer and if you are happy with it?


Hmm...what model...let me go check...
Its a Breville 800JEXL. It's Dawn's. My mom uses a plastic Juiceman Juicer,
and I thought that was amazing back in the day, but when I used it two
weeks ago while I was planting trees, I realized how weak it is compared to the
Breville. That Breville is a whiz to clean up too. Hey Breville...where's my check, people!?
Here is a thought about Juicing too...I bet you never thought of this.
In the pulp receptical container, put a nut milk bag in there.
That way, when you are finished juicing, you can take out the bag
and squeeze out the remaining juice from the pulp.
I swear I thought about that one myself.
Good idea?

Onto the next....

"Why scoop out the middle? Just juice the whole thing. I find in a lot of raw food prep videos, there are more steps than necessary. Don't make it harder than it has to be. Chop it and through it in the juicer and your done."

-Raw Chef Dan


Ah Dan...thanks for watching! The next time Dawn and I are in Quintessence
we'll have to chat a bit. So, why take out the middle?
I dont want all that sugar. Id prefer to eat most of the insides WITH fiber
so my blood sugar doesn't spike. I dont like juicing fruit for that sole reason.
If we can do a nice (1/2 rind - 1/2 pink flesh) juice of the watermelon,
it still tastes ok and is much more cleansing but not so loaded in sugar.
Eat your fruit, juice your veg, I always say.

Its not so much more difficult either...just a few scoops.

By the way...your Big Moc is so amazing its just ridiculous.


And the last...

Your melon didn't have seeds. Or am I wrong?


There were seeds but they were small. The vendor didnt know and told us
that it had seeds. I had to hide my disappointment when I cut that melon in half.
I was like "Oh crap! I just told everybody to go with seeds and this damn melon is seedless!"
Live and learn...make sure you know before you buy.
Don't give the kid working in the produce section too much credit,
because you probably care WAY more than he does, and
he will usually just tell you what you want to hear anyways. Check for yourself.


SO...I hope this cleared some questions up.
I'm really pumped about making videos now. I wish I could go back
and remake some...I probably could but there is just so much to make still
without having to repeat. I ALWAYS appreciate comments and questions...
so never hesitate.

Have a productive and happy week everyone!
More on LA next!



Mullmania said...

Pretty sure you did think of that nut mylk bag idea.

Never heard of that one before and it makes perfect sense.

Do you know where I can find one in city?

I really need to start making my own brazil nut mylk anyway.

Anonymous said...

i am convinced now that you are an affirmation of my body's nutritional intuition. Just the other day...i kept feeling like i wanted to do watermelon juicing..and lo&behold..your post. AMAZING.

my two reasons in delaying using watermelon juicing is because i have a horrid juicer (and cannot afford a new one at present)--but i guess i could use the nutmilk bag to press out what the juicer misses.

and second reason...where the HECK are the SEEDED watermelons. i have to say, i am really getting quite dismayed at this national obsession of having everything be seedless!! what's next? seedless strawberries? blackberries??

i feel like i am Indiana jones on the quest for the WHOLE-ly watermelon. the search for the gilded seeds. heh-heh.



Anonymous said...

I'm the most frugal person I know, and it's really, really hard for me to triple my grocery bill just to buy organic. But then I realized that as a raw vegan, I'm eating a lot more raw produce than the average person, which means I'm eating A LOT more pesticide than the average person. When I buy conventional, basically everything I put in my body is loaded with pesticide.

The trick to buying organic is to not compare organic prices to conventional ones. Make your decision based on the item. Ask, do I want to pay $5 for organic blueberries, or go without? Not, do I want to pay $5 for organic blueberries or $2 for conventional ones?

yardsnacker said...

I love watermelon juice. Thought I'd died and gone to heaven when I discovered this last year. :D Excellent post man.

raw_wannabe said...

Hi Anthony,

ive been reading ur blog for months, i do not know where to post this, but you mentioned you use coconut oil on your hair, is that all you use?

also what do you use as a cleanser and moisteriser? I really respect your atitude towards healthy eating and it shows on your skin so as a guy i wanted to know what your using?

thank u so much in advance bro.

raw_wannabe said...

Hi Anthony,

ive been reading ur blog for months, i do not know where to post this, but you mentioned you use coconut oil on your hair, is that all you use?

also what do you use as a cleanser and moisteriser? I really respect your atitude towards healthy eating and it shows on your skin so as a guy i wanted to know what your using?

thank u so much in advance bro.

you can email me if this is the incorrect place to post the question.


Anonymous said...

rawtexasgirl-- i can relate. especially seeing right now, i am unemployed and all the savings i have is supporting me and my fashion design. It's really hard for me to spend an extra $20 more, when, i may just need that for money just to EAT next week.

for me, thank god, now, my dad's garden is starting to harvest yummy veggies and farmer's markets are starting to pick up by me. so, i feel like, for those 4months a year that i have to buy conventional for financial reasons, the other 8 mos, i am eating from local farmers and my dad's garden.

i know your feeling. it's tough. i'd love to eat organic all the time..but it would SERIOUSLY affect my living condition. at least, right now. ^__^

sorry for the long post. i just saw that response and wanted to respond.

Lulu or Mila