Friday, May 30, 2008

Black Sapote Update

I dont know if anyone out there really cares about
the update of my little black sapote seed, but I just thought Id
put up a pic. It has been well over 6 weeks now...these things take time.

"A thought is an act of creation. It is what we are here for, to create,
to bring into being ourself by means of thinking. They way a thought can
be measured and observed by a simple life form, a plant, shows a wonderful
relationship between man and plant. When we love, we release our
thought energy and transpose it to the recipient of our love.
Our primary responsibility is to love."
-Marcel Vogel

I hold the seeding next to my heart sometimes and think about
how beautiful it has become. Maybe Im going off the deep end,
but it sure feels good. Ive started growing 92 mineral wheatgrass
in the apartment as well and Im finally getting the hang of it.

Bring plant life back into your world and be amazed at the effects
that it has on EVERY aspect of your life.



katy said...

It IS so beautiful...
If you're off the deep end there are plenty of us there with you

Unknown said...

Hi Anthony- any good tips for growing good wheatgrass? yours looks fresh and healthy- mould forms on mine when i try and grow it

Anonymous said...

Anthony-I understand what you are saying. I have plant life in my apartment. There's an energy in life that one doesn't experience with full clarity until being raw. It is the most amazing feeling of connection. (My family just laughs at me (in a good sibling teasing way) when I talk about it. Grow on!

Unknown said...

I care - thanks for posting - I would love to try one someday - but unlikely up here in Ottawa Canada!
Keep up the great info and Gaia blessings upon you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,
just wanted to say that we liked the Central Park YouTube video.
If you want to read the best books on farming, then they are those from Masanobu Fukuoka, the Japanese Farmer who came up with Natural Farming. He is the author of the classic "The One Straw Revolution".
Just because we like his techniques we started to offer his books on and more info on how to make seedballs etc.
Check it out.
Iris and Ibo

yardsnacker said...

Amen Kate, amen. Anthony that's great, just beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I think it is exciting that you are growing black sapotes. It was well worth the risk and the nay sayers. Its always good to try something new. Its always worth the risk. I can't wait to see it progress. It reminds me of a baby being born and watching it grow every day.
I'm always excited about your posts. Keep it going.

Lots of love coming your way

Anna Alexopoulos said...

Ever since I saw the video I want to try a sapote! Hopefully, one of these days I will find one.

Its kind of many people get busted for 'growing' things in their apartments. At least you know you are safe in regards to the law:)

Anonymous said...

I totally get it Anthony! I'm starting to save all my seeds, and I kept some cherimoya seeds in a jar to plant later, and to my surprise, the seeds started to sprout with the small amount of water that happened to enter the jar. So I right away decided to put them in some soil. I wonder how well a cherimoya tree can survive in New York City. I may have to send them back home to LA with my parents after they come to visit me in June. How great it is to be a human and find the transformation of a seed to be so wonderous. I'll keep you posted with the status of the seedlings.

Anonymous said...

I care! I love planting seeds from fruit I've eaten. I sprouted and planted a pakastani mango seed and nutrured it into a tree, it's beautiful and a prize to me :)

Michelle said...

Hey dude, what is a 92 mineral wheatgrass? Is it better than the regular wheatgrass? I have not a clue!!! :O)

P.S. You rock!