Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Exercise Explained

(Guacamole wrapped in a wild burdock leaf...keeping it wild...)

Ive been getting some feedback lately that my workout
routine, however effective, is highly unrealistic for someone
with a regular job and other responsibilities.

Let me clear some stuff up, because I know I have caused some confusion.
I stated that I DID a workout that was like this:

One hour of treadmil or elliptical in the morning (with audiobook).
Then I would have breakfast and go about my day.

At night...since I was living alone and was a lonely raw foodist,
I went BACK to the gym to pass the time.

I did an hour of weights, and then another hour of treadmill/elliptical.

This routine got me into great shape.
But NOW...I am pretty happy with where I am at,
and now Im in a relationship which consumes time (in only good ways)
so I am pretty much in maintenance mode these days.

I work out about 1 hour a day, usually every other day.
I focus mainly on upper body, and then try to walk everywhere
during the day. Its likely that I put 10 miles in everyday.
I live in NYC...its how we do things out here.
When I go back home to Minnesota. I am amazed at how inactive I become.
Sit in house...get in around...get home again...sit in house.

All that walking does add up.

But again, my workouts are drastically reduced from before,
and my eating habits are much more controlled.
Since I was eating late at night before, I would have to go to the gym
to burn off those calories. Now that I eat much lighter at night, I dont have to put
in that extra effort to balance out the heavy foods.

If you love rich foods and want to stay thin, you might have to work for it.

If you are satisfied with where you are at, you can trim back your routine.
If still have to go a little more hardcore to burn more than what you ate
and what is still stored on your body.
Its pretty simple mathematics as far Im concerned.

Also...if we can learn to multi-task, we can get more workouts in.
I know most of us still watch movies and TV at night, despite our busy schedules
that "seem" to make anything challenging impossible to accomplish at night.

If we can double up, we can get in shape quicker, learn more, and entertain ourselves.
We have to use our brains and attach pain to pleasure, so it becomes a joy
to exercise...not some chore that we HAVE to do.
We now GET to watch a movie and burn 1000 calories.

When you are getting paid to look healthy, you find many creative ways
to do the hard parts like exercise, yet still make them enjoyable.

Its all about persistence...above all else.
No matter what technique you choose...if you do it often
enough and can control your eating habits,
eventually you will reach your goals.

Best always,



Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony. I just want to say that I admire your level of fitness. Many people won't admit that they're envious. You know what last week I was so psyched after the David Wolfe event and had so much energy that I walk 16 miles in two days. This is a long way for me because I had been dealing with morbid obesity and crippling back pain for several years.

You are obviously strong physically and mentally. What agrivates me to the tea is people who set rules and limitations on how people should exercise. I'm not kissing ass but ever since I saw your photos I have wanted to be fit like you and I am frank to admit this and I said this before.

The truth is there is a term called "athletisism." Hello, does anyone remember this? I'm not talking about being obsessed but it's good to test your own physical limits. It feels good to my soul to know that I can walk ten miles now without feeling so achy and sore and dibilitated. I'm so sick and tired of people saying that it's too much activity.

If everyone listened to these bullshit rules of excersize then there wouldn't be an Olympics, or climbing Mount Everest or long distance cycling and who knows what.

The only country on earth that someone will give you grief about exercise is America. And people don't see the obvious reasons why we are the fattest country on earth. I read in the Kevin Tradeau book Natural Cures They don't Want You To Know About that most people in the world not only don't have a car but they walk on average 5-10 miles per day.

Anthony you are a model on the inside and out. Keep doing what you do best, inspiring yourself and all of us. - love, Rebeka aka Beki

Anonymous said...

hi anthony,

very well said. i think there's always time to work out, it all depends on our mindset and our will to actually get up and move. if you live in a city, the easiest way to incorporate some exercise in your daily routine is, as you said, walking everywhere. sure, it might take a bit longer than just jumping on a bus, but you do two things in one: get from A to B and exercise. i usually cycle to work which takes me about 40 minutes one way, so just by doing that i get over an hour of working out 5 days a week. and i have to get to work, so instead of spending my time sitting on the tube (i live in london), i can just spend that time exercising. and what's interesting, taking the tube to work takes me about 30 minutes, so i'm not saving much time doing that anyway!

good tips, anthony... i think the most important thing is to get comfortable with working out and not treating it as a chore but as something you actually enjoy and find natural, like cycling is for me :)

VegantoRAW said...

Thanks...This was really helpful.

Anonymous said...

Beki really said it. so brilliant and wise, not just Beki's response but the other comments and YOUR POST!!
way to go, Anythony!

I,unfortunately, am not the 'athletic' soul. I DO believe that keeping a physically sound body requires movement 'discipline'. When I was younger, I spent the same kind of time you did in the gym. But now, i have definitely 'softened'. I do Kundalini yoga every morning, then take my dogs for a walk thru the fields and forest here in the Jersey (yes, NJ is actually more green than people think).
dogs are GREAT motivators for getting your derrière moving. They are my four-legged furry Personal trainers. ^___~

again, Thanks Anthony! Your blogs are always refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony -

Just out of curiosity I remember you said you were in a long distance relationship before. Is this the same girl that is now living with you? Sorry its a personal question - just wasn't sure if it was the same girl or not! As far as fitness goes I wake up in the morning and do an hour of workout DVDs and then I go to the gym for an hour (classes or cardio) and then walk home from the subway about 35 minutes or so.

Yaseen Ali said...

Thanks for clarifying, Anthony (here, and in the comments of your last post). This explanation puts your past three-hour-workouts in perspective. All I wanted to point out was that "exercise" is a relative term and not everyone thinks of it in exactly the same way. But I can definitely appreciate how your writing has motivated people to work harder and feel better about themselves as a result. It certainly has an effect on me!

Anonymous said...

hey anthony,
i asked you this the other day..but im gunna ask
im using dr. bronners and i noticed you use it question is do you use it on your face?? im using on my face..i have acne :/ ..the hard part im having is i feel like it just washes right off. do you think i shouldnt dilute it as much? and you put anything on after your face after you wash? like coconut oil? thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Just to shed a little light on the subject about eating before bed or at night. When we are sleeping with an empty stomach, our bodies release HGH (human growth hormone). It occurs more on an empty stomach. When we are sleeping is the only time that our digestive system has a chance to rest which is also a prime time for us to be releasing HGH. HGH helps our bodie's metabalism speed up which, in essence, allows us to burn more calories on a regular basis...even during the day time. If you eat before you go to bed, whether it be greens or fat rich foods, your stomach and digestive system can not rest appropriatly. Obviously, eating greens before bed or at night is far better then fatty foods and our bodies will digest those foods faster. Give your body a chance to rest as you rest at night. Also, try not to eat right away in the morning. Wait until closer to lunch hour to eat more heavy foods. Drink 32oz's of water in the morning mixed with some fresh fruit if you need some food. BTW...Cant wait to see ya T-Boz! See ya in a few days. MN is getting beautiful. I cant wait to go foraging!

Michelle said...

Hi, i think you know my stance on exercise! I do it everyday! Unless, its raining or i desperately need a day off due to being exhausted! My exercise, though is running. Thats all i really do! I do it early in the morning and then come home and eat breakfast..smoothie, fruit, juice..stuff like that! I know you told me many times to do some sort of movement in the evening but i am just way to tired, is this an excuse? Yes, but its the truth FOR ME!! But, without my running i would never have lost all the weight (26lbs) It's a must for me. Just my two cents here!! Oh and i walk a lot too!! :O)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...



As much as I LOVE not living in the city anymore (Manhattan) there is an intrinsic fitness regimen in just living there without a car. I used to walk miles and MILES everyday without thinking about it. If I was late for something I would SPRINT for blocks and blocks.

When I moved to New England, which is glorious in too many ways, I swore I would only use a car for absolute necessities. Unfortunately, ALL errands involve a car if you live outside of the city.

I never saw myself as a "gym" person because I thought I couldn't possibly gain weight, but having a car and living outside the city taught me otherwise.

I don't want "suburban bum", so I guess I have to start paying attention to that effing "calorie math". SUCKS! Reality can be so rude sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Anthony-Working out is a fun thing to do. When I was a bodybuilder, I worked out more than you. But now that I am raw, I don't have to work out as much. My diet takes care of the fat on my body and I am leaner than ever. I am a girl and am so ripped that I hide my arms so I don't get questions about them. My brother's friend made a comment about my arms. (He should see my legs!!) But as a famous bodybuilder once said. It is 90% diet and 10% exercise. So, when I am asked, I tell them about my diet, not my exercise. Just another great aspect about being raw! (Raw ice ream for breakfast anyone?) Just kidding...