Saturday, April 26, 2008

Going to Minnesota...

(Some delicious flax-apple-coconut oil based pancakes with
strawberries and macadamia whipped cream....who says we sacrifice taste?)

At last...the day has arrived.
I am flying to Minnesota tomorrow to get things started.
All the fruit trees have arrived, and now its time to enrich the soil.

Mother Nature is not one to cooperate sometimes though.
I found out yesterday that a 6" blizzard ran through Minnesota
yesterday and probably gave my Georgia-raised fruit trees
quite a shock. I am a bit worried about them right now.

I am trying to send good thoughts their way...I really hope they make it.

Anyways...I am going to be working hard all week long,
shoveling swamp mud up onto the soil and spreading worms around
and building sq ft Im likely not going to be online at all.

Im taking everyone's positive vibes with me as I begin this project.
Ill be filming everything, so no one will miss a thing.

Oh yeah...and the black sapote seeds that I planted?
One has sprouted! I soaked it in my mouth for 10 minutes
and held it in my hands for another 10.
I planted it in the soil 2 weeks ago, and I saw the first sprout today.

Here is the one we just enjoyed three days NYC.
Being brave pays off.

Ive never raised a tree from seed before...this could be so great.

Have an awesome week everyone. Be the change.



Anonymous said...

Hey. I just wanted to wish you all the best when you go to Minnesota. It's great that you share your dreams with us. I look forward to seeing your permaculture vids. I send you a lot of love and good vibes.
God bless,

katy said...

Really happy for you that there are so many blessings your life now...
Have a wonderful time in the earth & sending many good vibes to all that is created & nourished there

Anonymous said...

good luck with your trees tony appleseed

love, joli

Anonymous said...

your plans looks really cool. i'm really looking forward to seeing what becomes of your oasis.

welcome back to minnesota!

Anonymous said...

ok, to begin with, lemme just say that I think what you're doing with your greenhouse project is pretty cool. However, I just wanted to make sure you knew about the dangers of introducing invasive species into new habitats. Dude, I understand that it's a major bummer to not be able to enjoy the utter deliciousness of certain foods because of what may think are lame rules at the border, but they do have a purpose. So please, please, please consider this. Best of luck and have fun diggin' away, man! :)

Aimee said...

Good luck in the snow! Just to let you know, I tried to call you back today, (Sunday), but you are obviously out of town.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Anthony! I'm looking forward to seeing your project!


Unknown said...


can you believe that i didn't realize that you had a place for comments on your website? very much me....slightly out of tune.

i am happy to see you're pursuing your dream..........and i am sure you will make it a big success. good luck.

michael d barrett

Anonymous said...

I agree with the 1st anonymous comment. Certain foods grow in certain regions for a reason! Why not stick to the local foods that Minnesota has to offer?

Michelle said...

Hey Anthony,
Good luck dude! I hope everything you need to get done, gets done! I have no doubt you will do it all! Your good that way!!! Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey, tried writing here before, didn't show up, hope my messages don't all suddenly appear... anyway, I was wondering what kind of cosmetics, toothpaste, etc. a raw foodist uses. Have any good tips?

Yale said...

Good luck to you and positive energy:). I'm trying to learn about the raw lifestyle before I dive right into it myself, in addition, I'm saving up for a couple of the 'tools' i.e. vitamix, dehydrator etc. Maybe I can get my boyfriend and my family to adopt some if not all of raw eating. One step at a time!

Debbie Young said...

Hey Anthony
Good luck on your trees and your are an inspiration my man!
Hey, would you be interested in letting me profile you on my blog? Philip is up today, go see what I did with him.. Tim of running raw is tomorrow and Dhurmil is in the mix too.. it is Men's week ..would you like to guest blog or I can just do a profile etc?
Let me know

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony. I just got back to Virginia Saturday morning and crashed. The Cacao Party was a huge hit. I got the pleasure of meeting Dawn who is really nice. I saw all my peeps. I also got a chance to meet Vanessa's dad who was very lively on the dance floor. There was live music which included drums and an Aboriginal instrument. There was a fire dancing performance that was absolutely breath taking. There were good vibes, good chocolate and good people. What a blast I had. I hope you are doing well and always wish you the best.


Anonymous said...

Your eco-cottage project is truly inspiring. I hope you have a productive week and take some good pics/videos.